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The 15 Most Feared Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked

17 Aug 2020 10.5k votes 2.0k voters 64.5k views15 items

In many anime, you'll find characters that are unsettling, threatening, or otherwise worthy of wariness. But not every anime has a character that strikes fear into the hearts of all of the other characters in the show. 

Many of the most feared anime characters are powerful warriors who use their strength for evil ends. Characters like Madara from Naruto and Frieza from DBZ are great examples of this particular trope. But other characters are widely feared for different reasons - King from One Punch Man is renowned for his heroic strength, but his reputation is built on a lie. Then there's Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket, who may not be a fighter, but whose psychological control over the Sohma family is as scary as any battle. 

All of these terrifying characters scare the people in their worlds... but do they scare you? 

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