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Famous Taurus Male Celebrities

Updated 2 May 2020 29.5k views79 items

List RulesOnly male celebrities born from April 20 to May 20.

With a dependability that is only matched by their persistence, a Taurus knows how to put in the work that will make them rise to the top. Whether it's acting, singing, or any other creative pursuit, famous Taurus men have the patience to build lasting careers. Below, you'll find a list of male celebrities who are Tauruses.

There are famous Tauran men that seem to have used their stubborn natures for good, holding on to their celebrity over decades, through turbulent ups and downs. George Clooney, born May 6th, 1961, has done a little of everything through his career, from acting to directing, and even advocacy work. His persistence and dedication to his craft earned him an AFI Life Achievement Award in 2018. Although he is younger, actor Kenan Thompson has the same persistent quality, pursuing projects and goals that have kept him on TV since he was in his teens. A Taurus is also known for their generosity and lifetime activists like Willie Nelson, born April 29th, 1933, exemplifies this quality of his star sign.

Check out the list of male Taurus celebrities to learn more. And don't forget to see what female celebrities were also born under this star sign.

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