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Famous Taurus Female Celebrities

Updated 14 Jun 2019 36.5k views60 items

List RulesOnly female celebrities born from April 20 to May 20.

A Taurus turns stubbornness into a positive trait. They put their persistence, positivity, and dependability to work when it comes being in the top of their fields. Whatever creative pursuit it is - singing, acting, or anything else -  famous Taurus women use their deep well of stubborn patience to rise to the top and stay there. Below, you'll find a list of female celebrities who are Tauruses.

With a combination of fierce independence and dogged persistence that can carry them through any bumps in the road, famous Tauran women know how to build a lasting career. Cher, Janet Jackson, and Barbra Streisand have managed to stay household names for decades - sometimes even after incidents that could have shaken a celebrity less bull-headed. It's not just singers who know how to put their persistent natures to good use, actresses like Jessica Lange, born April 20th, 1949, has also found new celebrity later in her career. Taurans are more than just hard workers. This star sign is known for its generosity, exemplified by women like Audrey Hepburn, born May 4th, 1929. Hepburn's work for UNICEF earned her the  Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992.

Check out the list of female Taurus celebrities to learn more. And don't forget to see what male celebrities were also born under this star sign.

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