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Famous Sagittarius Female Celebrities

Updated 14 Jun 2019 49.3k views79 items

List RulesOnly female celebrities born from? November 22 to December 21

Optimistic and adventurous, famous Sagittarius women know they have the skills to be the best actress, singer, or name in their field and they have the drive to make it happen. With empathy to share, they know how to deliver what an audience wants and we love them for it. This is a list of female celebrities who are Sagittarius.

Sagittarian women may be considered flighty, but they're really just confident and multi-talented, trusting their ability to move between projects. They're also generous and large-hearted, using their celebrity status to make the world a better place. Both Alyssa Milano and Taylor Swift regularly perform and raise funds for charities. Lucy Liu, born on December 2nd in 1968, is an appointed UNICEF ambassador and has been a spokeswoman for the Human Rights Campaign.

Browse this list of Sagittarius female celebrities to learn more! And after, don't forget to check out their famous male Sagittarius counterparts.

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