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Every DC Character In James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad,' Ranked By How Likely They Are To Die

Updated 14 Sep 2020 8.3k votes 960 voters 99.2k views17 items

List RulesVote up the DC villains least likely to survive the end of the movie.

At DC's virtual FanDome event, director James Gunn revealed the bulk of the cast for his upcoming Suicide Squad film and the roles they would be playing - but fans shouldn’t rush to get attached to the obscure characters he’s picked out for the latest Task Force X. As if the movie's premise weren’t enough of an indication of what's in store for James Gunn's Suicide Squad cast, the director already confirmed that “a lot of cast members don’t make it to the end.”

That’s the reality of life in the Suicide Squad, where every mission is just a push of a button away from becoming your last. Fans are excited to see what the former Marvel director will do with a whole new universe of superheroes to play with. In looking at the collection of oddballs that makes up James Gunn's Suicide Squad characters, it’s clear that several are quite safe from the franchise’s lethal implications, while others are practically destined to meet their onscreen demise.

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