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15 Movie Stars You Forgot Played Villains In Blockbuster Movies

Updated 19 Sep 2020 7.4k votes 935 voters 135.6k views15 items

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There's nothing more fun than watching an older movie and spotting someone you had forgotten was in it - someone who wasn't particularly famous then but has become much more well-known since. It's not uncommon to discover actors you forgot played bad guys in A-list movies, sometimes years before becoming A-listers themselves. Other times, there might be actors you forgot were in comic book movies, back in the days before everyone was in a comic book movie, or folks crossing over from television to the big screen in unexpected places.

Playing villains is a great way for character actors to jump from the wings to the limelight, and many actors who now headline blockbusters once played the bad guys in them. Here are a few big box-office draws who once tried to take over the world, blow stuff up, or otherwise foil the plans of the good guys in big-budget Hollywood flicks of yesteryear.

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