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Graveyard Shift
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The Untimely Deaths Of The 27 Club Could Have Rational, Astrological Explanations

Updated 22 Feb 2018 90.9k views10 items

Of all the world's organizations and VIP areas, the 27 Club is one you really don't want to be a part of. A staggering amount of musicians, actors, and artists have died at age 27, often because of drug abuse or suicide. The tragic fate of the 27 Club almost seems like a curse - but the planets may provide an explanation. Perhaps it's not a curse at all, but rather an extremely rare and difficult combination of planets in your Natal Chart. If that's the case, can astrology predict your death?

The way the stars and planets align at the moment of our birth and for the rest of our life also influence how astrology impacted the 27 Club, and in this case the Progressed Lunar and Saturn Returns are the most important to examine. Occurring around age 27, the Moon and Saturn move to the same position they were at the time of your birth, and they can bring a lot of turmoil and need for personal growth along with them. Through examining the astrological charts of members of the 27 Club, their dispositions to insecurity and willingness to cope using drugs or alcohol appears to have been closely tied to the planets' work. So what exactly happened to the 27 Club and what does the Saturn Return do? The role of astrology in death may give us some clues.

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